CRB on a Drive to Check if Railway Board’s Instructions are being followed by Zones & Divisions

NEW DELHI: Are instructions issued by the Railway Board being followed in letter and spirit? Railway Board chairman Ashwani Lohani will find out during a 15-day drive to assess the impact of empowerment and process reforms.

In a letter to all general managers, Lohani has said that while he has received informal feedback over the past few months on instructions issued by the board with regards to delegation of power and process reforms, he now wants a structured feedback.

“A transformation drive may be launched from January 1-15 to ensure that instructions issued from the Railway Board have been implemented in letter and spirit and have led to improving the productivity, enhancing the level of satisfaction of employees and customers,” Lohani has said.

He stressed that meaningful transformation would happen only when process, structure and cultural reforms reach the intended beneficiaries without any delay.

In his letter, Lohani has said that during this period, general managers, head of departments and divisional railway managers should launch various process reform initiatives at their level to make the working of railways more simpler and efficient.

Lohani has also said that a consolidated report highlighting the actions undertaken during the drive should be sent to the Transformation Cell.

Since taking over as the Railway Board chairman, Lohani and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal have initiated changes in processes and policies — be it in passenger amenities, procurement, floating of tenders and even in employee empowerment.