CRB visits Nashik ahead of Godavari Pushkaram

Nashik Road (NK): The Chairman of the Railway Board, A.K.Mital on Monday said that the railways has to plan for more trains that will cater to the increasing traffic and also advised to increase holding areas for crowd management outside Nashik Road Railway Station. During a one-day visit to Nashik ahead of Godavari Pushkarams, Mital had a talk with the officers on various issues including disaster management, planning for bringing in and evacuation of passengers and also passenger amenities.

“The CRB has advised us to increase the number of trains to bring in more people. Currently, the railways’ infrastructure at Nashik can handle maximum 75,000 people. But since the CRB has strongly suggested increasing the number of trains we will now consult Allahabad to get an exact idea on the way the traffic can be handled,” a senior official said.

The officer also said that the CRB has asked them to plan for more holding areas apart from the station so that there was no rush outside the platform. “The five holding areas planned at the Nashik Road railway station are not enough, considering the disasters in Allahabad. Hence, they will have to be increased, the CRB has said. He has asked the officials to take help of the state to plan holding areas across the city to prevent rush at the railway station. Beside, addition of trains will call for more disaster management plans,” the official added.

Mital has also asked the railway authorities to plan for more ticket counters outside the railway station to scatter the crowd. “The officer has asked us to plan for UTS (unreserved ticket system) and the PRS (passenger reservation counters) in the sadhugram areas at Nashik and Trimbakeshwar so that there will be less rush of pilgrims at the railway station to buy tickets,” he added.