CR’s Nagpur Division shows the way in safe train operations

NAGPUR:  With safety super star awards to front line staff coupled with quick redressal of complaints by loco pilots through unusual occurrence reporting system (UORS), the Nagpur Division of Central Railway has shown the way for others regarding safe train operations.

“Enhancing motivational level by presenting weekly awards to keymen, trackmen and other safety category staff for their alertness, followed by series of welfare measures like health camps for staff and families, accessibility of senior officials, solving grievances in time has paid off,” says divisional railway manager (DRM) Brijesh Kumar Gupta.

In the last 20 months beginning April 1, 2016, owing to high motivational level of staff and with Web-based UORS module, the division detected 385 potential hazardous safety cases. It also included 68 rail fractures.

There was not a single consequential rail mishap on mainline in the division. Such category of mishaps are considered as serious lapse by the Railway Board. Gupta honoured 447 front line staff for reporting safety loopholes. This has made staff feel elevated.

Earlier, there was a negative feeling among employees and also loco pilots that they had no say in the system. But now, more and more front line staff and loco pilots are being honoured for reporting safety loopholes.

“This has changed the attitude of the staff and due to detection of problems beforehand we could improve our safety performance,” Gupta told.

Now even front line staff feels proud for being honoured by none other than top ranking officer like DRM. ‘This is itself a big achievement. In normal course, even reaching the top official is simply difficult,” said a section of trackmen.

Explaining about UORS, Gupta said in earlier system, reporting unusual cases by loco pilots was full of manual intervention and lengthy. This was prone to communication gaps causing delay in rectifying problems. Hence, to eliminate the constraints faced in manual system and have user-friendly system at the fingertips of loco pilots, in May 2017, the Nagpur Central Railway developed web based UORS.

A brainchild of Gupta, it ensures instant messaging to control concerned taking necessary action. There is also option of using Hindi with Hinglish keyboard and uploading of image. This can be accessed from mobiles or any Internet connected PCs.

“The loco pilot (LP) and the nominated loco inspector (NLI) receive immediate SMS alert about his complaint. Once corrective work is carried out by the department concerned, both LP & NLI get SMS,” Gupta adds.

The best part, Gupta says is that all transactional and management information system (MIS) reports are generated online. This information related to failures, accident case studies, other instructions and related issues is later utilized for interaction between loco pilots and administration.

UORS apart, Gupta has taken full advantage of information technology and Nagpur Central Railway leads by launching several e-initiatives for receiving postal documents, file tracking system, meetings and inspections, community hall booking etc

The Central Railway has also launched mobile-based application to facilitate employees regarding salary details, office orders, notifications etc.