CR’s Pune Division take action against illegal Advertisements

Pune Jn (PUNE): The Pune railway division has initiated steps against people involved in pasting advertisement material like posters, handbills in unauthorized manner in the station premises and in coaches of trains.

The administration in last three months took action against 9 people who were found involved in placing advertisement handbills in station premises. The offenders had not acquired the necessary permissions from the administration to paste advertisements, hence were asked to pay fine and were also given strict warnings not to get involved in illegal act henceforth.

The officials said, “Most illegal advertisements were removed from the walls of main building of Pune station, foot-over-bridges and from platforms. It has been observed that passengers find it difficult to read the instruction boards because of pasting of advertisement handbills over the instruction boards”, the officials said.

The officials added that those who want to put advertisements at the station premises should contact the office of senior divisional commercial manager to complete the formalities to acquire required permissions.

Meanwhile, a senior official from the commercial department said that a drive was conducted recently at Pune station to remove unauthorized advertisements. The administration has put boards at some places asking people not to paste any advertisements on walls, the official said.