Cushman & Wakefield’s Rail Advisory Group launches Transload Platform

FLORIDA: The Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) Rail Advisory Group is launching the C&W Transload Network, a platform for transload sites. The startup consists of 16 sites in Florida and Georgia, each of which are capable of facilitating transload of various commodities and volumes via ocean vessel, barge, rail and truck.

“What makes this platform unique is the flexibility it provides,” says C&W Rail Advisory Group Director Michael Flynn. “A few sites have hundreds of acres and hundreds of rail spots available. Each of the sites is unique and can support a myriad of uses.”

“Companies, third-party transloaders who do not have a facility in a market where they need to provide service for a client, as well as many other situations supporting transload need can originate or terminate at sites within the C&W Transload Network with total flexibility,” Flynn notes. “We are launching this platform to fill a recognized need within the rail industry, and we will continue to grow the network across the country as we bring new sites on line.”