Customer self-service solutions for Railways from IBM

The challenge

Easing the pain When traveling on railways, customers want the conveniences they have on other transportation options, such as using the web, kiosks and mobile devices to research availability, select seats, buy tickets, check reward status and get schedule updates. But they don’t want the headaches like security delays, high gas prices, extra fees and congestion. Railways can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by employing customer self-service solutions for railways from IBM.

The solution

Convenient solutions to help improve efficiency Customer self-service solutions for railways from IBM provides support across the web, kiosks or mobile devices from a single, central business layer called Common Travel Services (CTS) that integrates customer information from the channel they choose with data from rail operations to create an enhanced travelling experience, while reducing business costs and improving customer satisfaction. For example, track sensors relay the location of a train to the central operations control system which can then provide dynamic scheduling updates to passengers on their mobile devices. CTS is a “write-once-use-everywhere” approach giving railways consistent functionality across channels, while allowing for quick changes in business rules and vastly simplifying the addition of new capabilities.

The benefits

Customer self-service solutions = more ways to increase revenue Customer self-service solutions for railways from IBM can help railways provide innovative and intelligent options that give passengers multiple ways to arrange and manage their own travel—while generating the business efficiencies they need in a very competitive industry. The solutions can help:

  • Build loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Meet passenger demand through faster options.
  • Reduce the unit cost of ticketing and check-in.
  • Increase the productivity of customer service representatives.
  • Collect and analyze passenger data.
  • Generate incremental revenue by providing direct access to fee-based services.

The specifics

Ready to get on-board – Our extensive experience with customer self-service solutions across a wide range of industries can help rail companies provide-and link-self-service capabilities.

  • Web: leverage your existing website and infrastructure for online ticket purchases and check-in, and extend passenger relationships to social networking sites to create loyalty and attract new customers.
  • Kiosk: dramatically speed check-in and—because it is common use self-service (CUSS) compliant—enable the convenience of using any station kiosk regardless of the railway a passenger is riding-even if they are owned by different operators.
  • Mobile: use near field communications (NFC) so mobile devices can be used for digital tickets for electronic boarding, automatic fare calculation and payment, real time travel information, proximity marketing and access to services.

Our solutions provide rail companies with vital passenger information—such as individual preferences and travel habits from all channels—to improve routes and scheduling, loyalty programs, staffing and resource allocation.