Dadar GRP constable suspended for extorting money from techie

MUMBAI: The GRP commissioner suspended a Dadar railway constable on Monday, a day after various new media reported how cops extorted money from a software professional. The constable, A B Khillare, and two of his colleagues took Rs.7,000 from Sumant Pradhan, after checking his luggage and phone on Sunday, saying it was illegal for him to have an adult clip on his phone. But they returned the cash on spotting a TV news crew.

A law student shot a video of the cops talking to Pradhan and handed it over to senior cops on Monday. “We went through the videos before deciding to suspend Khillare, pending an enquiry. A probe will also be conducted into the possible involvement of other GRP personnel at the Dadar outpost and the senior inspector,” commissioner Prabhat Kumar told. Sources said the video does not show the cops accepting the money, which might aid their defence. “Stringent action will be taken against any policeman found involved in corruption,” said T S Bhal, additional-director general, GRP.

Pradhan, a Pune resident, did not register an FIR as he wasn’t aware of the procedure. Senior officials said he should have at least submitted a written application to the police station as it would have made the case against the cops stronger.

Pradhan, 30, reached Mumbai on Sunday by Hyderabad Express, with his brother and a friend. At Dadar East, when he asked a cop for directions, he was led to a police desk. His luggage and phone were checked by Khillare. Khillare told Pradhan he could be fined Rs 1 lakh or jailed for 10 years for an adult clip on his phone and asked for Rs.30,000. Pradhan gave him Rs.7,000. But when a passing news crew asked Khillare what charges were being applied against Pradhan, he returned the money.