Damaged height gauge at Kalka-Pinjore Railway crossing on NH-22 pose a threat

Kalka (KLK):  A damaged height gauge at the Kalka-Pinjore railway crossing on the National Highway 22 is posing a threat to the lives of commuters passing from the way.

According to sources, the height gauge was damaged by an overloaded vehicle on December 15 last year.

Owing to the alleged lethargic attitude adopted by the Ambala Divisional railway authorities, the height gauge has been lying aside on the road since then.

It must be mentioned here that the high tension live wire of 25,000 Volts crosses over the road along the railway line.

As per the official sources, the height gauges prevents vehicles, passing from the area, from touching the high tension wires and hence avoid serious accidents.

The concerned department of Inspector of Works responsible for the maintenance of the height gauge, has not taken any initiative to re-install the same despite of the fact that the higher authorities of Engineering Branch of Ambala Division, has already been informed about the present scenario.