Danapur Station revamp on cards – works to start for passenger comfort

Danapur (DNR): East Central Railway has planned to develop Danapur railway station’s southern end on the lines of the Karbigahiya end of Patna Junction to meet the rush of passengers.

As many as 18 express trains originate from the Danapur railway station, in the west of Patna, while 194 trains pass through it. One of the most important railway stations in the region after Patna Junction, 50,000-70,000 passengers use Danapur every day.

The passenger flow is expected to rise in the coming days as the railways plan to change the terminus of several trains from Rajendra Nagar to Danapur. The southern end of the station is, however, not in a good shape and needs attention.

Senior divisional commercial manager, East Central Railway (ECR), Amitabh Prabhakar told “We are working on a plan to develop the southern end of the Danapur railway station. Soon, the funds would be sanctioned for the work.”

The Karbigahiya end of Patna Junction was revamped last year. An escalator has been installed as has been a fountain and other facilities. The railways plan to develop the southern end of the Danapur railway station on the same lines. Work is expected to start in two months.

A senior ECR official said: “Both Patna Junction and Danapur railway stations are ‘A’ grade stations. A lot of work has been carried out at Patna Junction but any more work is not possible because of unavailability of land. A letter was sent to the Railway Board, stating that further development was only possible at Danapur railway station because land was available there. This is the reason that the railway’s focus has shifted towards developing the Danapur railway station. The Railway Board has given the go-ahead.”

According to the plan, ECR will construct a new platform and a reservation counter at the southern end of the station. Gradually, facilities such as escalator, water cooler, retiring room, clock room, coach indicator, and digital timetable would be added.

The development of the Danapur railway station is significant because it would directly connect with the Patliputra railway station line. The southern end opens on the Khagaul road through which passengers access the station and the revamp work would be beneficial for the travellers.

Recently, the main entrance has been developed and a parking space and foot overbridge constructed.

The secretary of Bihar Daily Passengers’ Association, Shuiab Quraishi, said: “It is very important to develop the southern end of the Danapur railway station, as the passengers face a lot of difficulties. I hope the railway working honestly on this front.”

Passenger flow at the station would also increase soon, as the railways have decided to originate several important trains, including the Jan Sadharan Express, from the Danapur railway station instead of the Rajendra Nagar terminus.

The Jan Sadharan Express would depart from Danapur from May 20, sources said.