Defunct Patliputra Railway station finally becomes ‘joggers park’

patliputraपाटलिपुत्रा Patliputra: The repeated delays in the inauguration of Patliputra Junction in Patna has now made the residents of the area use the platform as their jogging track.

According to report, the junction bears a deserted look throughout the day except in mornings as several people come here for a morning walk. While some are seen exercising, many others are seen performing yoga on the benches at the platform that are otherwise meant for railway passengers.

After Patna Junction and Rajendra Nagar Terminal, the 12 km Patliputra Junction is the third biggest railway project in Patna that was built at Rs 1.5 crore to reduce the load on the two other junctions.

It was supposed to be inaugurated on October 31 by Meira Kumar in the presence of railway minister Mallikarjun Kharge and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. However, none of the leaders turned up.

Ever since, an impasse between the 25,000 villagers who stay near Patliputra, railway authorities and Bihar government have hindered the administration’s repeated efforts in making the junction operational.

Residents of Rupaspur and Jalalpur villages, 1 km south of Patliputra Junction, sit on the tracks demanding repair of a road and building of a foot over bridge (FOB) in the area. Even now, residents have blocked train movement by hanging a red cloth on a bamboo stick.

There is a 1 km-long stretch of road parallel to the railway track that is in a bad shape. Villagers are demanding its repair and a foot over bridge (FOB) linking it to another road where it ends.

In addition, they also want that barricades are put in between tracks and the road in view of the safety of villagers.

As they wait for a new party to form government in the state, the junction is expected to become functional only after Lok Sabha polls. Till then, it’s a jogging park for the residents.