Delay in Lucknow Metro project will not be tolerated: UP Govt to Officials

Government fears that due to delay, the project cost would scale up and increase the burden on the people as it is ultimately borne by common man

Lucknow (LKO):  A senior UP government official today warned the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) against adopting dilly-dallying tactics towards the project.  Adviser, Uttar Pradesh government’s External aided Projects Department, Madhukar Jetley, said, “No laxity or dilly-dallying on the part of officials will be tolerated in the project. Action will be taken against those found guilty of unnecessary delay”. “The implementation of suggestions given by LMRC Principal Adviser E Sreedharan, during his recent visit should be followed in letter and spirit”, Jetley told reporters here.

He said that due to delay, the project cost would raised and it was ultimately borne by people.

The procedure for selection of experienced professionals should be done as suggested by Sreedharan without any delay to make LMRC successful, Jetley added.