Delhi Metro become a Den for Criminals

नयी दिल्ली New Delhi: Delhi Metro premises are home to a variety of crimes from as small as theft of wallets to rape and molestation. This year so far, 739 incidents of crime have been recorded across the NCR and the most common crime is the theft inside the train or on the station premises. Almost 25 lakh people use the services of Delhi Metro daily and on an average around eight of them lose their wallets or any other valuable,

In 2014 until now, there 684 incidents of theft across NCR and majority of them are wallet theft mainly stolen inside the station premise whereas in the same period of time in 2013, there were only 95 incidents of theft.

“The problem of pickpockets is increasing in Delhi metro. Now these thieves even buy tickets to travel and search there prey. We daily get six to seven such complaints,” said senior police official at Kashmiri Gate police station.

In 2013, there was a murder inside the jurisdiction of a metro police station and this year there has been an attempt of murder. Police believes that paucity of force is main reason why such crime are on a rise. There are only 200 police officials in eight police station dedicated to metro across NCR. “Once an individual enters into station premises, CISF looks after the security of station as well as the individual but outside Delhi Police is responsible for it. We have 200 official for such a huge metro network which is expending rapidly,” added the officer.

The main problem for police is the cases of sexual assault that take place inside the train and station. Another challenge for police the theft of vehicles either from the parking itself or from the nearby areas. “This year we already have recorded 12 cases of vehicle theft both from parking and from surrounding areas. Last year this number of 5 for same period. Again inadequate strength is staff is one of the reasons behind increase in this sort of crimes,” added the officer.

Commuters too believe that places like Rajiv Chowk and Kashmiri Gate are bound bereft people of their valuables because the volume of crowd is extremely thick in these two places.

“See this crowd on the flat at Rajiv Chowk and Kashmiri Gate, crime like pickpocket are bound to happen. Crowd in such a volume in such a limited is fodder for criminals like pickpockets. Certainly the separate compartments of women have curbed the chances of assault and eve teasing,” said Priyanka Mittal, a student of IP university.

2013 : 2014
Murder 1 : 0
Rape 0 : 1
Robbery 1 : 1
Attempt of murder 0 : 1
Vehicle theft 5 : 12
Other theft 96 : 684
Miscellaneous 31 : 40
Total 133 : 739