Noida Metro Station is Sinking: DMRC

New Delhi: In a major worry for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), platform at Noida City Centre metro station has been found to be sinking with cracks appearing in it.

This was found when the DMRC officials were conducting a routine check of the platforms and pillars on the Noida route.

What’s amusing is that the officials from the Metro and construction company Gammon remain elusive on the reason behind the sagging.

Officials have conducted a thorough check at other stations in the vicinity and fortunately have found no such problem there.

Though, the DMRC hasn’t cancelled any trains, but the travel time has increased due to slow pace as the repair work is going on.

The repair work on pillars number 174 and 185 will continue for two-three weeks.

DMRC constitutes Committee to investigate Noida City Centre crack

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has constituted a committee to investigate the cause of the crack in one of the pillars of the Noida City Centre metro station, an official said Wednesday.

“A high-level committee comprising three general manager-level officers has been constituted, to investigate the cause of deflection in one of the cantilever arms of the Noida City Centre metro station on the Dwarka-Noida line,” said Mangu Singh, DMRC managing director.

“Action would be taken in case of any negligence or deficiency, after the submission of the report, likely this week,” Singh said.

The repair works of the pillar are ongoing, and expected to last three weeks.

According to the DMRC official, train operations need not stop during the repair work, but there will be restriction in the speed of trains as a precaution, and operations will be restricted to one platform.

Officials said that the repair work had affected the frequency of trains on the Yamuna Bank-Noida City Centre stretch, while trains were available every six minutes earlier, now the wait has been prolonged to over 10 minutes.

“The delay is at least for 10 minutes, and so it has added 20 minutes extra to my travelling time,” said Monica Rizal who works in a tourism firm in Noida.

“The delay in the service of the train also means the rush is huge. I let three trains pass, at least, and then board the fourth. That has meant double travel time,” said Reema Sharma, who travels from Noida each day for work.