Delhi Police pounced on Islamic Terrorist Waqas at railway platform

Ajmer Jn (AII): A team of Delhi Police, waiting for nearly half-an-hour at Ajmer railway station on Saturday morning, pounced on Sheikh Waqas alias Jialluddin of Indian Mujahideen as he alighted from a Delhi-Ahmedabad train and reached the exit gate. Waqas arrived in Ajmer disguised as a devotee visiting the famous dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty. He was taken away in a vehicle towards Jaipur Road.

“It was hardly a three-to-four minutes affair and many people saw the incident,” said a witness.

Later, it was found that Waqas was planning to go to Jaipur to meet his accomplices. The security agencies were on his trail ever since Waqas took the train to Ajmer.

“For the team it was difficult to identify Waqas among a good number of passengers as everyone coming to offer prayers at the dargah had somewhat similar clothing. He had some paralytic feature on his mouth which helped police to zero on him on railway platform,” said a source.

Meanwhile, the intelligence agencies are also finding out whether Waqas had stayed in Ajmer earlier.