Designer Uniforms for Lucknow Metro staff from NIFT Raebareli

Lucknow (LKO): The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) is still in its initial stage, but work is speeding up. LT has found out that designers at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Raebareli have designed the uniforms of the staff at LMRC.

Telling us about the details, Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, LMRC says, “We thought it was necessary for the LMRC staff at the construction site to wear a proper uniform that would help them be identified as LMRC. We were looking for a good institution who could do that for us. We approached NIFT Raebareli, which is a government institution and located close to Lucknow, to do the job. They agreed to take up this project and so now, after a series of deliberations, we have nearly finalised the uniform. The first order will be placed in a couple of weeks or so.”

But the process of deciding the uniforms was quite a tedious one, shares Kumar. “It was not that NIFT presented one design and we approved it. It required collaborative working, and we kept giving our ideas to NIFT and they kept coming back with suggestions of bettering it. That’s how the uniform has been designed,” he says.

The LMRC’s requirements were simple and straight: “For the uniforms a few things were on our mind. Firstly, that it should be a rugged one, then the colour has to be such that it doesn’t get very dirty since it has to be worn daily, even on the construction site. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be very dull either. We wanted the uniform to be smart, but not over-the-top, since we are in a commercial business. We are now planning a proper launch of the uniform soon,” says Kumar.

While both LMRC and NIFT refuse to share the designs just yet, Dr Bharat Sah, director of the fashion institute reveals that the uniforms are in “shades of grey”. He adds, “It is a challenging project for NIFT Raebareli, and our expert faculty is on the job to design summer and winter wear for the LMRC staff. While designing the uniform, the comfort for employees has been taken into account, keeping in mind their working conditions.”  The LMRC employees will soon be seen in these uniforms on the construction sites.

Design competition to decide JMRC staff’s uniforms

In 2013, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation had organised a special competition to decide the uniform for its staff, inviting entries from various agencies, designing institutes, firms and individuals. The final design that was chosen had white shirt, grey trousers and red tie in summers with a navy blue blazer in winters for manager-rank JMRC officers, along with accessories like belt, cufflinks and tie pin, which will have a logo of Jaipur Metro on them. Women will wear red and pink saris and station controllers will wear red and pink shirts with grey trousers, and wear red jackets in winters. Customer relation assistants will also wear red and pink shirts with grey trousers and sleeveless red jackets. Women assistants will wear kurtis of the same colour with trousers and sleeveless jackets