DFC to be be equipped with TPWS to make it Accident-free Track: Aadesh Sharma, MD/DFCC

New Delhi: The entire dedicated freight corridor (DFC) network will be free from level crossings for seamless movement of both rail and road traffic.

Besides with the maximum permissible speed of 100 km per hour, the exclusive freight corridors will be equipped with the modern safety device – train protection warning system (TPWS) – to enhance safety for train operation, at an estimated cost of Rs 1100 crore.

“There will be no level crossings in the entire DFC and total of 1003 level crossings are planned to be eliminated to ensure unhindered movement of traffic,” DFCC Managing Director Aadesh Sharma said here today.

DFC has a total 3342 km long track for goods train movement comprising Eastern and Western corridors.

There will be 689 rail overbridges (ROB) and 314 rail underbridges (RUB) being constructed to eliminate level crossings, he said.

Describing the DFC as “game changer”, Sharma said, “Multi-modal logistic hubs and private freight terminals are expected to come up along the DFC which will help generating jobs and economic growth in the country.

Besides, the proposed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and Amristasr-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor will also get benefits from the DFC.”

DFC envisages to transport goods in shortest possible time.

“Our aim is to transport goods to Mumbai within 24 hours from Delhi so that those goods with less shelf life like fruits and vegetables can also be transported.”

On safety, he said, we will be spending Rs 600 crore in the Western Corridor and Rs 500 crore in the Eastern Corridor for installing TPWS to ensure accident-free run for freight trains.

High capacity locomotives of will be pressed into service in the DFC to haul heavily loaded freight trains.

As per plan, 12,000 horse power (HP) locomotives will be operational in the Eastern Corridor and 9000 HP loco will be running on Western DFC.

Once DFC is operational we expect the goods movement on road will be shifted to rail which will result in curbing pollution and decongest the roads, he said.

Railways to seek Cabinet approval for funds for 3 new DFC lines

Firming up plans for expansion of the dedicated freight corridor (DFC) network, railways will seek Cabinet approval for arranging fund and acquiring land for the new three dedicated corridors.

Railway Budget 2016-17 has proposed the total 5769 kilometer (km) long track comprising three more dedicated freight corridors in the Country to ensure faster movement of goods.

RITES has undertaken the preliminary engineering and traffic system study of the proposed three new routes to ascertain the traffic projection and the report has been submitted to railways, DFCC Managing Director Aadesh Sharma said recently.

The proposed new routes are the 2327 km long East – West Corridor connecting Kolkata to Mumbai, the 2328 km long North – South Corridor linking Delhi with Chennai and the 1114 km long East Coast Corridor from Kharagpur to Vijaywada.

He said that Railways will go to Cabinet for approval of arranging funds and beginning the process of acquiring land for the new corridors.

Railways is expected to go up to 50% from the current 18% with the operation of DFC. While railways will earn revenue from freight movement on the dedicated corridors, DFCC will earn access charge which is about 35% to 40% of the revenue earnings.


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