DG (S&T) inaugurates Yoga & Meditation Centre at S&T Training Centre at Moulali

Shri Akhil Agrawal, Director General (S&T), Railway Board, New Delhi inaugurated a new Yoga & Meditation Centre at STTC

Moula Ali, Secunderabad: Akhil Agrawal, Director General (Signal & Telecom), Railway Board, New Delhi inaugurated  a new Yoga & Meditation Centre at Signal & Telecom Training Centre (STTC), Moula Ali today i.e., on 5th May, 2017. N.Kashinath, Additional Member (Signal), Railway Board, M.S.Mahboob Ali, Chief Signal & Telecom Engineer, South Centre Railway, L.P.Sinha, Director, Indian Railways Institute of Signal Engineering and Telecommunications (IRISET), Secunderabad and Shri. Arun Kumar Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division were also present.

Akhil Agrawal, Director General (S&T), Railway Board, New Delhi lighting the lamp

Speaking on the occasion, Akhil Agrawal advised the trainees to strictly follow the procedures and ensure safe running of trains. Hard work will always get the due recognition and brings good name to the organization as well as staff, he said. He complemented the STTC as the best training institute on Indian Railways which is providing excellent training and good discipline. He also suggested the staff and trainees to utilize the facility of the Yoga & Meditation Centre and live a stress free and healthy life.

Akhil Agrawal, Director General (S&T), Railway Board, New Delhi addressing the gathering

Later, Akhil Agrawal released Mobile App for the benefit of Signal & Telecom staff working on South Central Railway. This App will provide trouble shooting solutions to technical problems in the day to day work. He also inaugurated renovated Dining Hall facility for the trainees and planted saplings in the premises of STTC as part of Green Initiative.