Diesel locos would be a thing of past for trains originating from Tatanagar

WDM24Tatanagar: Diesel locomotives would be a thing of past for trains originating from Tatanagar station as railways have decided to phase them out gradually.

Confirming this development, Tatanagar station manager O.P. Sharma said that they have got a circular recently from the Railway Board in this regard. The four trains – Tata-Chhapra Express, Tata-Alleppey Express, Tata-Yeshwantpur Express and Tata-Kharagpur MEMU Passenger – are currently hauled by diesel locomotives. But, from Monday the two trains – Tata-Chhapra Express and Tata-Kharagpur Passenger – were replaced by electric locomotives.

“The diesel engines in two south bound trains – Tata-Alleppey Express and Tata-Yeshwantpur Express – will be replaced with electric ones next month,” said Sharma.

Electric locomotives are more efficient than their diesel counterparts and they are cost-effective too. An official at the Tatanagar Electric Loco Shed said on the condition of anonymity, “Electric locomotives also have an advantage as they can exceed their horsepower to a greater degree, can accelerate quickly or start a heavy train.It’s a good decision as Tatanagar is an A1 category station and assumes significance for being located on the Howrah-Mumbai main route.”

An official at the electric loco shed revealed that in the days to come, diesel engines would only be used for bringing the coaches to the platforms from washing lines and back to the car shed after the completion of journey.

The Tatanagar Electric Loco Shed has also started providing necessary training to the loco drivers on running electric engines. Around a dozen drivers of diesel locomotives are being provided training on how to run the electric engines, a source said.

Welcoming the move a senior functionary of Chhotanagpur Passenger Association, a leading outfit of Kolhan that works for welfare of railway passengers, said that conversion from diesel to electric locomotives will have impact both in terms of speed as well as environment.

“Diesel locomotives are not environment friendly as they cause air pollution. They also run at a slower speed as compared to electric engines. The punctuality and efficiency of the four trains originating from Tatanagar will further improve after the conversion from diesel to electric locomotive,” said the senior functionary of the passenger outfit.


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