Disaster-ready railways rides on relief train

Jaipur: After the tragedy that occurred at Allahabad railway station in which several people were killed in the stampede, railway authorities of north western railway decided to check the preparedness of its staff.
Suddenly at 12 in the noon a siren at railway station started blurring. Before passengers could understand anything, a message flashed that Pune-Jaipur express had derailed at Chauth ka barware.
Soon, another siren blurred but people were still unaware of the situation. As the railway officials were prepared, they quickly called the accident relief train and arranged for the personnel and technicians. In fraction of minutes they boarded the accident relief train, which was ready to leave for the “accident site”. When third alarm went off, the officials and passengers were informed of the successful completion of the mock drill.
Railway officials informed that such drills are organized to check the preparedness of the staff and check all equipment etc are in working condition for the emergency situation.