Dismantled gun found at Vijayawada Railway Station

16VZVIJPAGE3GUN_1687126eVijayawada Jn (BZA):  An India-made, single barrel, 12-bore hunting gun was found opposite the Vijayawada Railway Station gate here on Sunday. The weapon was located by a sweeper, who during her routine work found a plastic packet, bang opposite the main gate.

According to Satyanarayanapuram Police Station SHO Prasada Rao, having located the packet the sweeper opened it and when she found some pipe-like objects, she grew suspicious and alerted a GRP constable. “Having discovered a gun, the GRP then handed it over to us,” he said.

The gun, which is normally used for hunting purpose, especially for hunting wild boars, was found in a dismantled condition.

“We suspect that some one either tried to board a train or would have just alighted one and on seeing the presence of good number of police force, who are stationed due to the ongoing agitations, would have left it there. The gun was dismantled into three pieces and neatly packed,” said the SHO.

The SHO said the make of the gun was yet to be ascertained, but according to him such guns were rampantly made and found in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, and UP. “It cannot be called as country made, as it is not a crude one. We call such guns India-made, as there is some element of good finishing work,” he said.

The police also said only the gun was located and there were no cartridges found. The police are investigating the case.