Division’s goof-up prove costly to Passengers – Pune-Hatia Exp skips stoppage at Wardha

Pune-Hatia Express skips stop at Wardha station, passengers in panicky run helter-skelter to catch the train at next station

Nagpur (NGP):  Railway goof-up proved costly for passengers when the Pune-Hatia Express skipped Wardha railway station on Monday despite having an official stoppage there. The mistake could also have led to a major tragedy.

According to Central Railway sources, the biweekly 22845 Pune-Hatia Express arrives at Wardha railway station around 12.45am every Monday and Thursday. The train was running 30 minutes late and was to arrive at 1.15am.

However, passengers waiting for the train at Wardha were shocked when it did not stop. When the Wardha station manager learnt of the train shooting past the station, it was stopped at Sevagram station.

Sources said passengers from Wardha boarded autorickshaws and reached Sevagram to catch the train. Public relations officer (PRO) P D Patil confirmed the incident and admitted it was a serious lapse. “An inquiry has been ordered and those responsible will face action,” he said.

Insiders traced the mess to Dahegaon station master’s end who may have mistaken Pune-Hatia Express with weekly Mumbai-Howrah Express that also passes during the same time but doesn’t have a stoppage at Wardha. He may have wrongly informed Wardha controllers who then signaled the train not to stop.

Dahegaon is a station ahead of Wardha while coming towards Nagpur. The Pune-Hatia Express reaches Nagpur at 1.55am while the Mumbai-Howrah reaches at 1.25am.