Don’t pull Alarm Chains in Train Coaches for trivial reasons, Southern Railway tells Passengers

CHENNAI: The Southern Railway has asked passengers to avoid pulling the alarm chain unless it’s an emergency.

“Pulling the alarm chain without valid and sufficient reason is a punishable offence under Section 141 of the Railways Act, 1989. The penalty will include imprisonment up to one year or a fine of Rs 1,000 or both,” said chief public relations officer S Dhananjeyan.

The instances of alarm chain pulling is on the rise. As many as 744 cases were registered for unauthorised alarm chain pulling in the zone in the first six month of this year. As many as 737 people were apprehended in this connection and a fine of Rs 2.8 lakh has been collected from them.

“It is noticed that on most of the occasions, the alarm chain was pulled by the passengers for trivial reasons like co-passenger could not board/alight, mobile phone/belongings fallen down or missing, passenger who got down to purchase water/eatables could not board the train, passenger overslept and missed destination, to mention a few. The train in which alarm chain was pulled has to be detained for a considerable time for resolving the system. Moreover, the delay in train operations in which alarm chain was pulled affects the running of the subsequent train services too . The passengers on-board these trains are hassled,” Dhananjeyan said.

Passengers should refrain from pulling the alarm chain. On-board railway staff like train captain, TTEs, RPF train escorts, coach attendants and others can be approached by passengers for addressing issues that arise on the course of journey, Dhananjeyan said.

The services of All India RPF Security Helpline 182 which is functional round the clock can be resorted to. The 182 Helpline crew will alert the field RPF personnel and assistance will be arranged at the subsequent station.

GRP Helpline 1512 can also be accessed for security related assistance. Rail passenger helpline 138 will also render assistance to passengers for redressal of grievances pertaining to on-board amenities.

The Railway Protection Force is keeping close watch on violators and will take stringent action against people pulling the alarm chain without justifiable reason.