Double Decker rakes on Chennai-Bengaluru train to be replaced with AC Coaches for 2 days

CHENNAI: Southern Railway today said that double decker rakes on a Chennai Central-KSR Bengaluru City service would be replaced with regular air conditioned coaches for two days next week due to “operational reasons.” “Due to operational reasons, Train No.22625/22626 Chennai Central KSR Bengaluru City Double Decker rakes will be replaced with regular air conditioned chair car coaches for two days on December 5 and 6, 2017,” it said in a release.

Consequently, there would be changes in seat numbers for already reserved passengers which will be intimated through SMS to all passengers at the time of preparation of charts, it added.

The change will be in force only on December 5 and 6 as double decker rakes will be pressed into service from December 7 onwards, it said.