Doubling Railway line in Cortalim not possible: Alina

VASCO: Reiterating her stand against the proposed double track railway line passing through the villages under Cortalim constituency, MLA Alina Saldanha claimed that the implementation of the plan was not possible due to several reasons.

Speaking to reporters Alina said, as far as Cortalim constituency was concerned, double track railway line was not possible at all as the double track would demolish all houses located near the railway tracks. “I will be with the people, if it happens,” she asserted.

Even though the houses may not be physically demolished, the possibility of collapsing due to the constant vibrations remains, as several trains pass through the region.

“We know once double track is allowed, the number of trains passing through villages would increase and so would the speed, thus adversely affecting houses near the tracks,” she emphasized.

Slamming the South Western Railway authorities for not providing any infrastructure for the benefit of villagers who have now been divided into two sections after first track was laid, Alina questioned the need for a second track when no infrastructure was provided to cross the tracks till date.

Alina also said the people would become homeless, if the land was acquired for the second time, besides heritage homes too could be destroyed in the process.

Questioning the benefits of double track railway line, she wanted to know who it was aimed to benefit and whether people of the State would be benefited.