DRDO selects RailTel as Choicest Partner for Bandwidth, Network & Systems Integration

New Delhi:  Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has selected RailTel Corporation of India Limited (RailTel) as its choicest partner for Bandwidth, Network and System Integration in various Telecom and IT Solutions. As part of the award of contract, the expected deliverables are supply, installation, configuration, commissioning and handing over of a Centralised Internet Access Gateway set up for DRDO in addition to augmentation of 20Mbps MPLS-VPN bandwidth at 55 locations across the country and 1 Gbps MPLS and 1 Gbps Internet bandwidth at DRDO HQ, New Delhi.

RailTel’s connectivity is in addition to the present backbone of DRONA Network (DRDO’s Rapid Online Network Access) – a private network which was designed & implemented on ISDN telephone lines in the year 2000 to facilitate Web Portals, Web Mail, Transactional Systems, Video Conferencing, Data Centre operations.  This network was long augmented on BSNL consisting of 155 Mbps / 34 Mbps / 2 Mbps point to point leased line bandwidth to various DRDO Labs engaged in developing Defence Technologies covering various disciplines like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, instrumentation, missiles, advanced computing and simulation, special materials, naval systems, life sciences, training, information systems and agriculture, with over 7000 scientists and 25000 other scientific, technical and supporting personnel accessing the DRONA network.

Being a part of Ministry of Defence, Information Security is of primary concern of DRDO. DRDO hence selected RailTel as its network partner which shall now support DRDO with the state-of-the-art Secure, Resilient and Robust OFC based Telecom Network at 55 locations.  Under this network, DRDO shall re-classify the Laboratories into Main Router Centres (MRCs), Sub-MRCs and Sub Router Centres (SRCs), in which the MRCs will be connected in a mix of Star and Mesh Topology, with HQ as the Central Hub, SRCs which constitute the regional labs under an MRC are connected to the respective MRC in a Star topology, in which case, the network has an extended star topology.