DRM/Alipurduar meets Moinaguri-Jogighopa New Railway Line Demand Committee

Sanjeev Kishore meets the delegation at Dhubri railway station on Thursday
Sanjeev Kishore meets the delegation at Dhubri railway station on Thursday

Dhubri (DBB): New divisional railway manager (DRM) of Alipurduar division of Northeast Frontier Railway, Sanjeev Kishore visited Dhubri railway station today.

Kishore met an all-party delegation, including New Moinaguri-Jogighopa New Railway Line Demand Committee, on the station premises.

Asked about the status of work on the New Moinaguri (West Bengal)-Jogighopa (Assam) railway project, Kishore said it was progressing but he could not give the details of the development between Gauripur and Jogighopa, the stretch which falls within Assam.

On the question of upgrade of Dhubri railway station, Kishore said the proposal was being pursued at the highest level of the department.

On the other demands like running of goods train up to Dhubri, drinking water facility at the railway station, opening more reservation and ticket counters and security of the passengers, he said the drinking water project would be completed within a couple of months and reservation counters, which were closed because of shortage of staff, would be opened soon.

Kishore later said there were many demands on which he could not comment on because they were outside his jurisdiction. But whatever was within his capacity he would try to do his best to fulfil them.

“I shall do my best to address the problems and inconveniences of the commuters and look into the demands raised by various delegations today,” said Kishore