DRM/Madurai inaugurates Emergency Medical Centre at Madurai Railway Station

Madurai_Railway_StationMadurai (MDU): A 24-hour free emergency medical assistance centre was inaugurated at the Madurai railway station, on Thursday. The emergency centre has been set up by city-based Vadamalayan Hospitals with life saving equipment.

Divisional Railway Manager, Mr.A.K.Rastogi inaugurated the centre in the presence of V Pugalagiri, CMD of Vadamalayan Hospitals. The division had earlier announced the opening of emergency medical centres in important railway stations in collaboration with interested hospitals in the locality.

Talking to reporters after the function, Rastogi said the emergency service will be free of cost to the passengers. The centre is equipped with basic medical equipment to handle emergencies including cardiac arrest, he said. Though the first aid kit is available with the stationmaster as per the protocol, proper medical treatment in emergencies given by the physician is always advisable and the people will be confident to be treated by doctors and medical technicians, he said. Based on this model in Madurai, the division will start opening emergency medical centres in important stations in the division in future, he added.

Pugalagiri said efforts are on to station an ambulance in the junction. The staff at the centre said that they have defibrillator and laryngoscope to provide artificial ventilation, in emergency cases. The centre will be manned by two medical technicians and a doctor will be available on call. If the patient’s condition turns critical, the hospital’s unit ambulance will rush to the centre for taking the patient to the hospital for further treatment, they said.