DRUCC member alleges abuse, threatens to quit

NAGPUR: ‘Serving customers with a smile’ is Railways motto but passengers experience is otherwise. A Central Railway divisional railway users consultative committee (DRUCC) member was allegedly abused by a booking clerk at Ajni railway station on Sunday.

DRUCC members are appointed by the government for matters relating to improvement of passenger services and facilities provided by the Indian Railways, besides issues of general public interest or public convenience.

Dinesh Trivedi (58), who travelled to Badnera along with his wife, filed a complaint on Monday with assistant commercial manager (ACM) SG Rao charging booking clerk Pankaj Mishra with using foul language when he demanded a ticket. “The incident happened at 8am when the passenger train arrives,” Trivedi said.

“I was standing in a queue for tickets, but owing to rush, I saw 4-5 passengers seeking tickets from inside. Seeing them, I too went inside and demanded tickets from Mishra. I also showed my DRUCC member identity card,” said Trivedi.

Trivedi alleged that instead of giving tickets, Mishra insulted him by saying that the card was bogus and many persons approach them with such cards. “He also tossed my card and insulted me. Amid heated arguments, I missed the train,” Trivedi said.

On Monday, Trivedi filed written complaint with Rao and wanted to surrender his card as it was ‘bogus. He threatened to quit his post. Rao summoned Mishra and sought explanation from him.

Rao gave a clean chit to Mishra saying he is not at fault. “Mishra is a polite employee. He had asked Trivedi to wait for two minutes as passengers standing in the queue were shouting as to why tickets were being issued from inside,” Rao said.

On the contrary, Trivedi said he can produce at least four witnesses who would confirm that Mishra had abused him.