East Central Railway joins 100 mt goods club

East Central Railway (ECR), set up about 11 years ago with divisions in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Jharkhand, has for the 1st time joined the club of railway zones carrying 100 million tonnes (mt) of goods during 2012-13. Together with passenger ticket sale proceeds, the railway zone’s total revenue inched close to INR 10,000 crore during the last financial year.

ECR chief general manager (CGM) Mr. Madhuresh Kumar said, “ECR has crossed the psychological barrier of carrying over 100 mt of goods yearly. Its joining the ‘club 100 million tonne’ gives to ECR its moment of joy.”

During 2012-13, it carried 102 mt of cargo – an boost of more than 8% over the 2011-12 mark. The goods revenue was a record INR 8,273 crore in 2012-13, a boost of 30% over the 2011-12 figure of INR 6,352 crore.

The ECR took innovative steps in goods carriage, as 11 maize loading terminals were established in the maize producing areas of Bihar to help farmers export their maize. The terminals were established at Barauni, Khagaria, Mansi, Naugachhia, Kursela, Semapur, Hasanpur Road, Salauna, Sonbarsa, Saharsa and Madhepura railway stations, Mr. Kumar said.

During the 1st quarter of 2012-13, as much as 7.5 lakh tonnes of maize, valued at approximately INR 950 crore, was transported through 215 rail rakes.

Mr. Kumar said, “ECR is helping maize farmers in a big way in Bihar. Approximately 290 rakes of maize are likely to be transported during the 1st quarter of the present financial year.”

ECR was in consultation with the representatives of Bihar Industries Association and Bihar Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well as Bihar government officials concerned to encourage private entrepreneurs to make use of the opportunities offered by the railways in the construction of “dry ports” under its private goods terminal policy, he said.