East Coast Railway Engineers Association presents their Demands before 7th CPC

भुवनेश्वर Bhubaneswar (BBSR): A delegation of East Coast Railway Engineers Association (ECoREA) met the members of the seventh Central Pay Commission (CPC) at Kolkata recently.

The delegation presented six demands on behalf of the railway engineers. Raising the issue of assured promotional prospects, the ECoREA brought to the notice of CPC that graduate engineers are not getting promoted during their entire service period while other categories of engineers get promoted multiple times including diploma engineers who are getting promoted at least once.

The association complained that after upgrading Group-D staff to Group-C, the Group-C cadre has become the lowest cadre in the Central Government. They said keeping railway engineers in this cadre is a humiliation and they should be upgraded to Group B.

The ECoREA also raised the issue of payment of allowances saying doctors, nurses and train drivers are entitled to several allowances but the railway engineers are not getting the allowance in spite of specialising in their work. They demanded that technical allowances, planning allowances and risk allowances should be paid to the degree engineers.

ECoREA’s Sanjib Kumar said all categories were upgraded by the previous two pay commissions except railway engineers who were, on the contrary, downgraded. After hearing them, CPC Chairman Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur said the commission has already taken into consideration the anomalies faced by the railway engineers. General secretary of ECoREA Bobin Mohanty said the meeting with CPC was fruitful.