ECOR conducts Engine Trial on Delang-Sakhigopal Railway Doubling Line

Odisha: Engine Trial on Delang-Sakhigopal Railway Doubling Lineडेलांग Delang (DEG): The doubling of Railway line between Delang and Puri is going on at full speed. As a part of this priority project, the trial run by Railway Diesel Engine has been completed on 15th Sept-14 and the trial run has been found to be successful. As per procedure, the line has to be inspected by the commissioner of Railway Safety before it is opened for train operations. This inspection by Commissioner of Railway Safety is slated for October-2014. It may be noted that Ministry of Railways is laying a lot of emphasis on completion of the doubling upto Puri before Nabakalebar-2015. General Manger, E.Co. Railway, Sri Rajiv Vishnoi has congratulated the team from Construction of East Coast Railway and also advised them to finish the other works under progress as per targets laid down. The trial run was conducted in the presence of Sri R.P. Diwakar, Chief Administrative Officer and supervised by Sri Sankarshan Nayak, Chief Engineers and Sri Sudhir Parida, Dy.Chief Engineer.