ECOR resume Train Services to Andhra Pradesh after normalisation of Power Supply

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railways has reversed its decision to cancel several trains today after power service from the State Electricity Power Supply in Andhra Pradesh to its Visakhapatnam division resumed.

East Coast Railways (ECoR) had yesterday decided to cancel the Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad Visakha Express, Bhubaneswar-Puducherry Weekly Express and Janmabhoomi, Simhadri, Ratnachalam, Tirumala, Dakshin Link, Garib Rath and Duronto Express trains originating from Visakhapatnam today, according to a release of the ECoR.

However, after resumption of power supply in the Visakhapatnam Division of ECoR late last night, the Railway administration immediately took steps to normalise train services, it added.