Electric engine trains ply on Bathinda-Delhi route

BATHINDA: Trains with electric engines have started plying on the Bathinda-Delhi route, which will reduce the cost of operations and minimise the effect on the environment.

Most of the passenger, superfast, express and goods trains going to Delhi and passing through Bathinda have started plying on electric engines.

As earlier, trains on this route were been run by diesel locomotives. A train engine consumes around 15 to 20 litres of diesel per kilometer and for starting the engine, it consumes around 25 litres of diesel.

The trains going towards Sriganganagar and Ferozepur have to halt at the Bathinda station for 25 minutes as the railway track from Bathinda to Sriganganagar and Bathinda to Ferozepur is not electrified yet, due to which the electric engine is changed with locomotive diesel engine at the Bathinda railway station.

As earlier, various trains coming to Jakhal from Delhi with electric engines have been extended to Bathinda now, which also include Punjab Mail and Janta Express.

Due to this the platforms and timings of a few trains have also been changed. Punjab Mail, which earlier used to arrive in Bathinda at 11.25 pm and depart at 11.35 pm, would now depart at 11.50 pm. The stoppage time has been increased due to changing of engine at the Bathinda railway station.

A railway official said electric engine trains, unlike diesel engines, were more environment-friendly as there is less pollution.

“As electric engines can take more load, we can now expect to add more coaches,” he added.

The speed of the trains will be increased from 130 km/hr to 160 km/hr in the coming days. The rail lines on the route are being strengthened as per the new requirement and specifications.

A large number of important cities and industrial towns, including Patiala and Bathinda, fertilizer and thermal power plants, foodgrain loading points, educational hubs and military cantonments are located in the section.