Electric Loco Reliability Meet held at CLW/Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan (): Electric Loco Reliability  Meet was  held  at  Chittaranjan  Locomotive  Works (CLW)  on  April 27  and 28 April.

The meeting was attended by chief  electrical  loco  engineers ( CELEs ) , senior divisional electrical engineers of  Zonal  Railways, senior officers  from RDSO/ Lucknow  and  Railway Board / New Delhi, where they dicussed reliability issues  of  the CLW  built  electric  locomotives .   Special    focus  was   given to  three-phase  locomotives  provided with  latest   IGBT  technology. The  meeting  was  formally  chaired by C P Tayal , general manager CLW  and Man Singh, additional member (electrical ) Railway Board  on 28th April,2015  in  the Administrative  office  meeting room.

Ved Pal, Advisor Electrical (RS)  from  Railway Board / New Delhi  and A K Singhal, EDEM  from RDSO/ Lucknow  and senior electrical  officers from  various   Railways   namely  Eastern  Railways, South East Central Railways, North Central Railways, West Central Railways, East Coast Railways,  East Central Railways, Central Railways, Northern Railways, Western Railways, Southern Railways , South Eastern Railways  and South Central Railways  participated   and  actively  discussed    the  reliability  issues  of   3-phase  locomotives .

The  agenda  for  discussion included  emerging  technology.  Apart from Railway Officers, representatives from reputed  manufacturers  of   IGBT  technology  attended  this  meet. Harindra Rao,  Chief Electrical Engineer  of  CLW  inaugurated the meet on April 27 and  acknowledged  the  contribution of    all   the   visiting  Electrical   Engineers  towards  improvement in  the  reliability of  3-phase electric locomotives  manufactured  by CLW.