Emerson Climate Technologies helps commuters a Cooler Ride on Metro and Intracity Trains.

Transportation is a critical component of any nation’s economic prosperity. A spin-off of economic prosperity and growing affluence is the traffic congestion and deterioration of air quality in cities. A good and efficient public transportation system is the key to solve this problem on a sustainable basis.

images2India, with its increasing urbanization and urban travel demands, is planning and implementing various alternate means of mass transport systems; metro passenger rail being one of them. Metro rail projects are being built in various cities in India to provide high-quality mass transit facilities.

These metro rail systems are fast, reliable, safe and reduce traffic congestion pollution for the commuters thus adding to its attractiveness. Metro’s air-conditioned cars make travel comfortable for the commuter without exposing him/her to the air pollution.

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Copeland Scroll™ compressor technology that powers the cooling system for energy-efficient, air-conditioning system is finding an increasing favor in railcar applications. OEMs and end-user customers are finding that Copeland Scroll™ technology, pioneered by Emerson, is significantly advanced than other alternate compressor technologies solutions offered by competitors.

For example, the metro rail corporation of one of the largest cities of India was looking for a highly efficient air-conditioning system to install in its railcars. They also wanted to reduce the noise levels inside the railcars to further enhance the commuters’ experience.  Emerson’s scroll compressors were the clear choice for the OEMs and the rail authorities. In comparison to the alternate technology compressors, the hermetically sealed and compact nature of Copeland Scroll™ compressors offered by Emerson helped reduce the noise levels and greatly improved the reliability in the air-conditioned cars.  High-capacity air conditioning systems like that used by metro rail have relatively lower social cost case-study-train-car-optin terms of energy consumption and pollution. In addition, Copeland Scroll™ technology has significantly higher efficiency which optimizes the energy consumption for the metro.

The value offered by Emerson’s scroll compressors is now much sought after for various upcoming metro rail projects in India. With the Urban Development Ministry considering metro projects in more than 15 tier II cities, with a population of more than two million, this market has high-growth potential.

India already has the world’s fourth largest intercity railway network, carrying more than 30 million passengers and three million tons of freight daily. The Indian rails have to traverse vast geographical terrains and substantially varying temperatures during a journey spanning 9 to 32 hours across India. It becomes crucial for the rail authorities to maintain a comfortable temperature in the air-conditioned coaches across the journey.

Emerson’s Copeland Scroll™ compressors technology is very well-suited for functioning in a wide range of ambient temperature. Unlike some of the alternate compressor-based technology that is spring mounted, leading to premature failure, scroll technology does not have springs, making it the right technology to handle this rough transport application.

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