Soil Erosion between Saharsa-Mansi Rail section on Samastipur Division poses great threat

kosiSaharsa: Railway authorities are deeply concerned as with the monsoon getting vigorous day by day, the rail track near Fango railway halt on Saharsa-Mansi section under Samastipur division of East Central Railway (ECR) faces great erosion threat, which could snap the lifeline of the vast Kosi division.  The threat of erosion at 6,7,8 and 16th km of the rail track near Fango railway halt is steadily increasing keeping the railway authorities on their tenterhooks. As the water level of river Kosi, dubbed as the sorrow of Bihar, are showing an upward trend, the threat perception too has heightened, according to railway sources.
539wDRM/Samastipur Mr.Arun Malik on Friday, said, “I am very much concerned about the rail track between Saharsa and Mansi, which is a true lifeline to the vast swathe of Kosi region.” Though at the moment, the situation is “not very alarming” and all possible efforts are on to protect the rail track, he said. Anti-erosion measures are in full swing as boulder pitching and crating on the rail track is already in full blast, he said and hoped that these measures would adequately address the problem.

A reputed construction company, which is said to have the expertise and knowhow in respect of protecting the rail track, has been engaged and is going about the protection work. Besides, hosts of railway engineers are keeping a round the clock vigil, railway sources said. The 44-km-long Saharsa-Mansi rail route has a disconcerting record of facing threat of erosion by the Kosi. The surging waters of Kosi have a worrisome record of changing its course from time to time, railway sources say.

In 2011 and 2012, the Saharsa-Mansi rail track was under tremendous pressure at the same points near Fango railway halt, when some spurs were heavily eroded. War like efforts, which had persisted for days, had salvaged the situation and the all important lifeline was finally protected, railway sources recalled. A rail bridge could be a permanent solution, they suggested.

Meanwhile, overnight torrential rains in catchment areas and plains which continued till late in the day, resulted in swelling of the rivers like Mahananda and Kosi . Mahananda, which traverse through vast parts of Kishanganj, Katihar and partly Purnia districts, was flowing 65.22 metre a little below the danger mark of 66 metre at Taiyabpur ( Kishanganj) and 34.77 metre against the danger mark of 35.65 metre at Dengrahaghat (Purnia ) at 8 am on Friday.

The water discharge level of the Kosi surged to 1,30,670 cusec and 83,125 cusec at Kosi barrage at Bhimnagar near Birpur and Barahkhetra (Nepal) at 8 am on Friday, according to Central Water Commission (CWC) office in Purnia.