Estimate for building Railway Platforms using Garbage submitted

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: After mooting the construction of railway platforms using garbage at Kadakkavoor station, the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation on Friday submitted the estimate to Suchitwa Mission for getting technical sanction.

The estimate includes a sketch for erecting sidewalls for raising the platforms that are to be constructed, which as per the latest information has to be done by the Corporation, bearing the cost of construction.

Before the Suchitwa Mission gives technical sanction, the estimate would be submitted for the Railways’ approval.

The Corporation is unhappy over spending a huge sum for erecting sidewalls for the platforms alone. According to the estimate, around Rs 60 lakh will have to be spent for the sidewalls alone.

If the cost for transporting the garbage from the city and bringing earth for the construction would be considered, the amount would go up further.

“It is to be noted that the Corporation has to spend such a huge sum to get rid of less than 1,500 tonnes of garbage, which is only a part compared to the entire garbage generated in the city. When platforms were constructed in Murukkumpuzha and Kochu Veli stations, we had to transport the waste and provide earth to reinforce it and the amount was not that big,” a top official of the Corporation said.

The Corporation had earlier expressed its willingness to transport up to 3,000 tonnes of garbage for this purpose.

For over the years, there was constant demand from the passengers to raise the platforms as they find it difficult to get into the train. Therefore after a meeting held between the Railways, City Corporation, Suchitwa Mission officials and people’s representatives in July, it was decided to raise two platforms at a length of 500 metres on two sides to a height of 90 cm.