Experts Team defuse Explosives seized near Chittapur

चित्तापुर Chittapur (CT):  A seven-member team arrived on Monday to investigate the recovery of explosive material on the railway track on the Secunderabad-Wadi section near Mogala tanda and Malkhed Bridge.The team from the Bomb Disposal Squad was headed by two officers, Shivakumar and Shashikumar.

Lab Test

Police sources said that the two officers who arrived with the latest scientific gadgets and the equipment to defuse the explosive material took charge of the situation and inspected the seized material and conducted laboratory tests to ascertain their intensity of the explosive materials seized from the two spots.

They visited the two spots twice and questioned keyman Tuljaram, who foiled the attempt to blow up the track.

According to information available, the officers will take the help of Mr.Tuljaram to prepare sketches of the four men who were found near the track.