Fatehabad-Indore Section to be ready with GC works for CRS Inspection by August

फतेहाबाद चन्द्रावती गंज जं Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn (FTD): The Commissioner Railway Safety (CRS) will inspect Fatehabad-Indore broad gauge conversion work next month and the track will open for rail traffic from August end. Though there are hurdles to connect the BG track with Indore platform from Laxmibai Nagar, but the railways has sorted out the problem.

The BG work of 35 km-long Fatehabad-Laxmibai Nagar track is almost ready. The Railways was doing this work on war footing. According to sources, the CRS is coming for inspection around August 10. It is likely that he will submit his report in another next 5 to 7 days. As soon as the CRS gives his ok report, the track will open for train movement between August 15 and 20. The 35 km long Fatehabad-Laxamibai Nagar track was considered a less problematic track, because of no major bridge between two stations.

However, two under construction bridges near Laxmibai Nagar between this station and Fatehabad and some other technical problems were posing problems to connect the BG track between Laxmibai Nagar and Indore platform. One more fact is that the meter gauge track between Laxmibai Nagar and Indore platform is uprooted and construction of two new platform work is just going on the same track. Hence, the railway authorities sorted out problem to connect the broad gauge track between Laxmibai Nagar and Indore platforms. Ratlam Division Senior PRO Jitendra Kumar Jayant said: “We have sorted out the problem of connecting the BG track to Indore. He said that our plan was that just before under construction bridge, the BG line coming from Dewas also connect the same point where the BG track coming from Fatehabad joins. Hence, the trains coming from newly converted BG track from Ratlam and onwards will be shifted to the existing BG track coming from Dewas. In this ways the train will coming from Ratlam will reach Indore platform by passing the uprooted meter gauge track Laxmibai Nagar and Indore platform.

The opening of the this track for train movement will help to the thousands of the passengers of the this route who are bereaved from the train service more than one year due to the completion of the Ratlam-Indore BG work in phases. Railway Sources said that opening of the route for the train movement will be beneficial for railway too in the form of passenger fare. It is claimed that railway may shortly make the announcement for the starting of the BG work between Indore and Mhow.