FICCI compliments Government’s initiation of Rail & Industrial corridors

Naina Lal Kidwai, president, FICCI complimented Rahul Gandhi, vice president, All India Congress Committee, for his speech at Alwar where he mentioned that his government has started building rail and industrial corridors across the country which will provide job opportunities to the people.

Kidwai said, ”FICCI has been supportive of the Government of India’s policy and plan on manufacturing where they have focused on building large National Investment and Manufacturing Zones (NIMZ) and industrial corridors that intend to provide world class infrastructure to the manufacturing sector and create jobs for millions of people.”

FICCI’s twelve point manufacturing mandate has also emphasized the need for fast tracking the implementation of industrial corridors and creation of NIMZ to revive the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector employs around 48.5 million people accounting for 11% of our total employment and the national manufacturing policy targets creation of 100 million additional jobs in the sector by 2025.

Creating jobs in manufacturing is imperative, said Kidwai. It is very encouraging to hear the commitment of Rahul Gandhi to take this agenda forward and is recognition of his belief that without infrastructure and industry, growth and jobs in our country will suffer, she said.