Film Shootings on trains to cost double now

bollywood train scenesNew Delhi: The Indian Railways may have failed to negotiate a price with the producers of ‘Skyfall’, a James Bond movie, to shoot on its properties in 2011 but the national transporter seems to be undeterred in encashing its popularity among movie makers.

From the beginning of next month, railways has decided to almost double the charge for shooting of films on special trains. The rate for special trains for shooting films will be a minimum of Rs 4.74 lakh per day compared to the existing around Rs 2.31 lakh.

The charges are for the movement of the film special train of four coaches and one SLR (half luggage van) for a maximum distance of 200 km and it includes detention charges, service charges, haulage charges and engine detention charges among others.

However, an official said that for movement of film specials for more than 200 km or having more than four coaches and one SLR, the actual charge would be calculated on coach to coach basis and the actual distance covered by the train. The charges were last revised in 2009.

The circular mentioned that the per km haulage charge for filming in special trains consisting not more than four coaches, excluding the SLR, would be equal to the seat/berth provided in each class for the distance the special train covers. The minimum fare per km would be Rs 1,044 per km for trains on broad gauge and Rs 1,628 on meter and narrow gauges.

There would be separate charges for dining/kitchen/pantry car coaches, SLR and luggage van, detention charges for the train as well as the locomotive, security deposit of Rs 50,000 per coach subject to minimum Rs 2.5 lakh, service charge at 30%, and empty haulage charge.

There will be a special hilly area surcharge of 20% on total charges for trains on narrow gauge. This will be in addition to the above charges. In case of AC and First class coaches, service tax of 3.7% would be levied separately.

Besides these charges, licence fee too has to be paid to shoot on railway installations or premises, including stations and trains. This is fixed at Rs 1 lakh for A1 and A cities, Rs 50,000 for B1 and B cities, and Rs 25,000 for other locations. Another Rs 30,000 is for using moving/ stable railway coaches.