Firms disinterested in cleaning railway stations

मुंबई Mumbai: Companies that maintain cleanliness in five star hotels have not shown any interest in stations located on the Central Railway (CR) despite repeated attempts.

The 11 firms that met Railway Board member D.B. Pande in Churchgate on the Western Railway (WR) on September 10 have not yet replied to CR to the issue.

According to CR officials, WR’s status a nodal agency and the holding of a closed-door meeting on its premises, coupled with CR’s limited involvement, has hurt CR’s chances of catching the eye of private firms like Eureka Forbes and Knight Frank with turnover of over Rs 160 crore.

“The WR is the executing body of the project but sadly, it has been repeatedly seen that the CR does not get first preference,” said a Central Railway official on condition of anonymity.

“We had approached the companies for the project which is a part of our cleanliness drive issued by the Prime Minister’s Office but the Central Railway does not seem to interest them,” the official added.

CR’s chief commercial manager R.D. Sharma said, “Yes, we are still waiting for the response of private firms but it is too early to say that they are not interested in the CR. We still have a lot of work left but we should not jump to conclusions.”