Firozpur Division to begin 20-day Overhauling of Non-Interlocking (Signalling)

Amritsar (ASR): The Railways is all set to kick off the 20-day overhauling of non-interlocking (signalling) and upgrade of railway operational facilities at the Amritsar Railway Station from July 10.The proposed massive mechanical work has prompted the railways to increase the staff strength at the station. As many as 34 station masters and 42 points have been drawn from various stations to carry out the mechanical exercise.The proposed overhauling prompted the railways to call off operations of four trains, diversion of five other trains and short-teminated eight trains during the period starting from July 10.The Chandligarh-Amritsar-Chandligarh Inter-city Express and Chandligarh-Amritsar-Chandigarh Superfast Express have been cancelled From July 10 to July 29.Sources in the railways said the overhauling was postponed many a time at the railway station as its staff was busy handling a number of trains, high footfall and carry out various development works.Now, the system is developing technical glitches routinely which cause hindrance in the flow of vital operation.Non-interlocking (signalling) is an arrangement of signal points and other appliances connected by mechanical and electrical locking so that their operations take place in a proper way to ensure safety. The system is used before giving green signal to any train. It has three stages. Firstly, the route is checked, then it (route) is locked and finally signal is downed. In case, the schedule of the train is changed then the same steps are followed in descending order. The last step being taken up the first and the rest accordingly.