As a first step towards Smart City tag, Ajmer Railway Station to run on Solar Energy

Ajmer RSअजमेर ज्ञ Ajmer Jn (AII): Ajmer, which is gearing-up to become a smart city, courtesy a joint Indo-US initiative, is also set to get Rajasthan its first railway station to run on solar energy. Ajmer division of North Western Railway has decided to meet the power demand from solar energy.

A feasibility report of this project said that fixing solar cells will cost 1.16 crores to produce estimated 40 kilowatt power every year.

This project will yearly save Rs 52 lakh on electricity bill for Ajmer railway station per annum. “The solar panel will be fixed under the corporate social responsibility. The life of solar panel is expected to be 25 years,” said senior railway officer.

Under this scheme, the Ajmer station will save 75,000 units electricity annually. In the second phase, the solar panels will be fixed at Bhilwara and Abu Road stations.