First train with Electric Loco flagged off on the Newly Electrified Secunderabad-Wadi Section

Secunderabad (SC): The South Central Railway crossed another milestone in track electrification on Tuesday when the first passenger train, hauled by an electric locomotive, ran from Secunderabad to Wadi on Tuesday, marking the commissioning of the electrification of 161-km-long Lingampalli-Wadi section of the Secunderabad-Mumbai line.

The train was flagged off by SCR General Manager PK Srivastava other senior officials. At present, 41 percent, ie 2,375 route km out of 5,810 route kom, on SCR has been electrified. Electrification of the Guntakal-Wadi section is in progress and work on the Guntur-Guntakal section will be taken up shortly.

The electrification of the Secunderabad-Wadi section was completed in four phases. The 27-km-long Secunderabad-Lingampalli stretch had been electrified earlier as a part of the MMTS project. Later, work on the Lingampalli-Vikarabad (50 km), Vikarabad-Tandur (41 km) and Tandur to Wadi (70 km) sections was completed.

The commissioner for railway safety has given his clearance after conducting inspection and trial run recently, facilitating the commencement of train operations with electric locomotives. Passenger and goods trains, if hauled by electric locomotives, can run faster leading to saving of valuable time and fossil fuels. It offers pollution-free and faster transportation. Freight traffic, mainly of coal, cement and clinker will become easier now in the section.

This prestigious project has been executed by the Secunderabad unit of the Allahabad-headquartered Central Organisation for Railway Electrification at a cost of Rs 204 crore.

At present, South Central Railway has got 41% of its route kms electrified i.e. 2375 route kms, out of a total of 5810 route kms. In addition, electrification works o­n another major section from Guntakal to Wadi are under active progress and works o­n Guntur to Guntakal route will also be taken up shortly.

Running the trains o­n electric traction yields several operational and economic benefits. An extended network of electrified Railway lines will enable seamless running of trains over long distances without any need for loco change from electric to diesel and vice-versa. It reduces the travel time benefiting the passengers and freight customers. Due to lesser detentions, average speed of the goods trains and passenger trains increases, which in turn improves availability of crew. Electric traction offers pollution-free transportation and considerable fuel economy, which is socio-economically beneficial.

P.K.Srivastava, General Manager/SCR complemented the team of SCR’s officers for the commendable achievement of electrifying the Secunderabad-Wadi Section.