Flag-bearing gangman may have let down colleagues: Central Railway

MUMBAI: Central Railway officials are baffled how four gangmen were run over by a train in Kalyan on Sunday.

Dattaram Kadam (55), Pandurang Ghare (53), Jaychand Dhubhase (53) and Harinana Gambhale (58) were run over by the Kolhapur-bound Koyna Express when carrying out regular maintenance work near Patripul, around 9.45am.

A senior Mumbai division official said, “The gangmen were well-experienced on the stretch. They should have been aware about the Koyna Express coming as it was running on time.”

The train was travelling at a speed of not more then 40 kmph when it mowed down the workers. Explaining the probable sequence of events, the official said, “The victims were let down by the person carrying a flag to alert them about the train. He was the first to be hit and was probably standing in the centre. The other three tried to flee, while the fifth was lucky as he had gone to fetch oil for maintenance work.”

The official said, “The flag-bearing person should have been 200 metres from the site of work. But he was hit 40-50 metres from the spot. This is a serious lapse.”

The authorities also blamed the driver for failing to report the mishap. The official said, “He should have stopped the train to bring the victims to the next station.”