Flooded with Complaints, Railways replaces Combo meal with Regular dish in Rajdhani

Flooded with complaints against change of menu in Rajdhani and Duronto, Railways has decided to restore regular meals in these premier trains.

Railways had revised the menu and the tariff for premier services from October 17 and accordingly, a new concept of combo meal was introduced as an every alternate meal on long distance Rajdhani and Duronto trains.

“The introduction of combo meal met opposition from passengers and as a result, we have decided to replace it with the regular meal,” a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the catering service in premier trains said.

However, the change in menu will not affect the fare structure. The meal rate for Rajdhani /Shatabdi/Duronto trains is included in the ticket fare.

Besides, quantities reduced in certain dishes have also been restored as there were complaints against quantity of food being served in these trains, he said.

Senior officers were deputed on these trains to ascertain the response from the passengers on the changes in the menu. “Based on the feedback from passengers, changes were effected again,” the official said, adding that “(collection of) passengers’ feedback will now be a regular exercise.”

Tariff in premier trains was revised after 14 years as the last revision was in 1999. A Railway official had said that input cost, like of raw materials, had increased manifold since the last decade, so the catering rate was revised for Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains.