FOBs may come in way of proposed Lucknow Metro Rail route

LUCKNOW: Even as Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) hands over the existing foot overbridges to the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) there is a growing apprehension that the structures may come in way of the proposed metro rail route.

LMC experts examining the foot overbridges said that the structures are almost at the height at which the metro rail is proposed to ply on the north south corridor. Municipal commissioner RK Singh confirmed that the issue is being examined on the said front.

There are three foot overbridges that have been transferred to LMC for their upkeep. The three include those at Alambagh, Charbagh and polytechnique crossing on Faizabad road. Interestingly, the three overbridges happen to fall in the line of the proposed metro rail route. The rail is proposed to run on the middle of the road at a height that matches the one at which the bridges are situated.

A senior LMC official said that they are unsure if the structure will continue to exist or will have to be removed to pave way for the proposed metro rail. The overbridges are being handed over to the LMC for their better upkeep. The municipal corporation has already invited bids for advertising to raise funds which would be used for up keep of the structures.

The tenders for the advertising will be floated and given for a set term. Hence it will be crucial for the LMC to calculate if the advertising companies will be able to provide the services. Sources said that the foot overbridges lie in a very bad shape in the absence of a proper upkeep. The over bridges were built during the regime of Mayawati each at a cost of around Rs 5 crore. The structures also lie unused in the absence of escalators.