Metro Railway Systems to be considered at par with CPSUs for Land transfers, Cabinet

New Delhi: Metro projects will henceforth get faster land transfers from Central government departments as the Union Cabinet on Thursday cleared a proposal under which metro companies will be treated under rules that are applied in the case of Central Public Sector Undertakings.

“The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for treating 50:50 joint ownership Metro Rail Companies like DMRC at par with CPSUs for transfer of land,” an official statement said.

“This will allow to transfer or alienation of land, including defence land, to Metro Rail Companies having 50:50 partnership between the government of India and the state government concerned, on the same pattern and terms and conditions as applicable to PSUs or statutory bodies etc,” the statement said.

Urban Development Secretary Sudhir Krishna said the decision would mean that metro projects in the country would be executed faster.

He said that till now, to get land for a metro project from central government departments and ministries, the approval of the cabinet would have to be taken, which takes time.

Krishna said delay meant inconvenience to people, cost escalation and longer time to develop the facility for the people.

Officials said the rule would apply to companies like DMRC, which has a 50:50 joint ownership pattern with the central and Delhi state government as stakeholders.