Freight Loading on IR Zooms by 39MT till Dec 2017. All Commodities except Urea see rise in Loading

Given the spike in Freight loading, the Indian Railways is now planning to procure more Wagons next fiscal to cater to the demand and supply

NEW DELHI: The Railways loaded about 39 million tonne (mt) extra freight in the April-December 2017 duration, a Railway official said, adding that these are initial estimates.

This is almost eight times the five mt incremental cargo loaded for the entire 2016-17 over the previous year.

All categories of commodities — with the exception of fertiliser — has seen growth. Buoyed by this growth, the Railways is planning to procure 5,000-7,000 wagons in the next fiscal.

The Railways is looking to use a bidding system where the lowest cost will be discovered by using a vendor that offers the lowest price for a particular product, said another Railway official.

This is even if the entire quantity supplied by the vendor does not match the total requirement of the Railways. In that case, it will source from more than one vendor. The move will help lower the procurement prices for the Railways, he added. The official also said that the track replacement work of Railways has picked up with greater planning. Over 470 km of tracks has been laid in December, picking up from an average of 238 km per month in the April-August 2017 period.